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02 January 2015 @ 11:38 pm
Poll: Mini Fanxing V-day fest  
Hello, dear darlings!

First off, happy new year! Wishing you all a wonderful, successful and healthy 2015.
It's been a long while since the comm has any posts or updates. Much less any news of a round two fanxingyou exchange fest. Considering how the previous year had been in the EXO fandom, we were afraid there won't be enough interest to hold another round at all in this community.

Instead of leaving the Fanxing-loving to wither out, one of our original participants yeolis has suggested a mini fest for this year. Valentine's day is next month. So it's a perfect opportunity to gear up for FanXing. In order to gauge the general interest/non-interest, we have an opinion poll ready under the cut. Please take a look at it when you have time.

However, keep in mind that this fest won't be held in fanxingyou community (;__;). The fest will be hosted in another community, which will be revealed later IF there's some interest going on.

Thank you for taking your time to look through this.



[Voting poll]
Would you engage in a mini fanxing valentine's day fest?

Depends on the timeline and wordcount
Fanxing never again!!!111 >:(
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vote: http://goo.gl/foUGyT
results: http://goo.gl/MElDU8